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rooted in Germany since the establishment of Solebox in 2002 in addition to provide all kinds of brand sports and leisure products, accumulated over the years under the influence of it and often have different brand collaboration opportunities, Solebox name with both featured works spread to the whole world and become one of the world famous shoes store shoes fans for having heard it many times. Recently this time-honored shops out of Germany, to Austria's capital Vienna opened its first three stores by the art of profound local cultural influence, the store space use a lot of wood, stone and other natural elements in shaping modern minimalist fashion, the huge rock can be used to consumers when visiting the seats, and on the wall also there are paintings hanging pieces of sampling from the classic shoes, the store itself is like a work of art, gives quite a comfortable feeling. If you have the opportunity to visit Vienna (or you're there), don't forget to consider Solebox on your visit list. SOLEBOX WIEN source: Highsnobietyadidas not only brings Boost to every pair of shoes, but now even Primeknit is sweeping and bringing new features to many styles. the last two years, we can see that Adidas has been using Primeknit materials to update its shoes, whether it's new or old, with the advantages of modern technology to make appropriate improvements. The extension of product innovation under the aid of so also let people see the shoes, if future technology more and more diverse, so the equipment in our feet are more deserving of attention. In 90s the EQT series is a classic shoes symbol, with better technology and performance is known, which makes this series become meaningful representative. Today, it is not surprising that it has evolved into a street guest. And then with the Primeknit, in addition to more fit feet, but also enhance ventilation and bring new enjoyment. source: Sole CollectorAbout Us, founded in 2001, is a Taiwan based sports shoes content website that focuses on basketball, jogging, performance related shoes, and the online magazine, starting point for Lifestyle content., is, founded, in,, as, a, Sneakers, com foamposites for cheap munity., We, Love, Wear, and, Study, Sneakers.PUMA IGNITE Proknit series published so far with its neat appearance and comfort for their own amiable and easy of approach, create a path of their own in many shoes group, with a finely woven material upper block function very beauty, but also light and elastic two advantages, and collocation exclusive research and development of Ignite in the end. Has a distinctive rebound believe so many people through it left a deep memory, and tinged with a glossy dark green metal is a good choice for daily collocation, also all black style has been listed in Taiwan, are interested in the exploration of their own to the local shoe stores or dealers to contact Puma. source: EU KICKSAllen Iverson's NBA career may be over, but Reebok has yet to stop releasing his new work. Reebok Answer 14 is coming up and will continue to promote the Iverson personal series. Foreign websites Sole Collector special interview with Answer 14 designer Jeremy Sallee, which extracts some related issues, to the favorite shoe makers through prospecting shoes to understand the story behind the text. How much time did Allen Iverson spend on the design of Answer 14? he was not involved in the design. Answer 14 at the beginning of design, we will set the tone for his Q99, and Q96 Iverson had previously launched into his mind. Finally, we will use Answer 14 as a new line of work, because the Answer 3 offers most of our inspiration. What is the inspiration for 's entire pair of shoes? The seams on the shoes are inspired by Answer 3, while some of the details come from the Question series. Compared with today's new shoes, we use more leather, which is rarely seen in today's pursuit of lightweight materials. Therefore, we hope that through this design, can call back early Iverson wearing Reebok shoes figure. Why does use the early DMX foam in the technology? basically considerations in DMX foam with shock absorbers, and light material, also can have the flexibility one oh. In addition, we use the Ortholite insole to enhance the comfort of the shoes. And this kind of shock proof technology also appeared in Answer 3, which is one of the reasons wh Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale y we use it. We hope to connect with the past shoes and recall some memories. What innovations can we see on Answer 14 at ? as we said earlier, we use luxury materials and some new technologies. We combine the two kinds of fabric together with the thermal fusion technology under the real leather shoes. Retains the texture and toughness of leather, as well as the breathability and light of synthetic fabrics. What is the future development of the Answer series? Are you ready for Answer 15 now? I think we'll go on doing that. We've got a lot of new ideas out of this design. But so far, we don't have any plans for Answer 15, but I don't want to be surprised if we see new shoes next year. "I think there's a lot to be found from Iverson and he's one of the greatest players, and he's pretty heavy for us anyway." by Hongkong artist Liu Jianwen (Michael Lau) in the last year to celebrate Air Jordan 30th anniversary and the painting of "Jordan" character of the wall, the day before (November 27th) by Jordan Brand commissioned in Christie's Hongkong Asian Contemporary Art (day auction) for charity auction, eventually raised $1100000. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the youth association to help local teenagers pursue their dreams through basketball. The unique Jordan "character of the" wall "of creation, not only in it to celebrate the Air Jordan 30th anniversary was born, because in the whole process of creation, encourage people discover their hidden in the hearts of the true nature of the Jordan. In the creative process, Michael Lau asks a lot of friends who love Michael Jordan through micro-blog: "what makes you Jordan?" And then turn the collected micro-blog into artistic material and create it as part of the wall of the Jordan. Slowly from the original Michael Lau pre created Michael Jordan portrait as the main axis, transformed into a huge works. This is a new interactive experience, Jordan enthusiasts from all walks of life can not only participate, also witnessed paintings started by a portrait, transformed into a giant works, and Michael Jordan from the spiritual experience. Michael Lau finally selected 36 public users and 12 celeb Cheap foamposites for sale rity micro-blog into the painting. After completion, the "Jordan wall of nature" became the most eye-catching item in the House of Flight held in Shanghai last October, and the best gift for Michael Jordan's visit to Shanghai. The final wall of the Jordan wall was unveiled by Michael Lau in October 12, 2015 and signed by Michael Jordan herself, completing the final part of the painting. , the beneficiary of the "Jordan wall of nature" charity auction, was founded in 1991, providing one-stop crisis intervention services for marginal youth. Yo think young people need formal social support can thrive, and is committed to service to help young people; especially the urgent need of assistance to help them face their own youth, unable to use their ability to deal with crisis events in life, to help them deal with difficulties and setbacks in the transitional stage of growth. in 2013, in order to practice in Hongkong and continue the Michael Jordan adherence and philosophy, through basketball to encourage young people positive, and help achieve him2003 joined Kobe Bryant wears Nike's after the first pair of shoes Huarache 2K4 and Tinker Hatfield (Eric Avar, Mark Parker and the common design) is related, however there is Nike HTM extension Kobe series launched a special version, but strictly speaking, this is really the cross again two "master" after many years, earlier published Muse Pack series second double crystal Kobe x Tinker bring cooperation. in the past twenty years, for many basketball fans, Kobe Byrant seems to be the generation of legend, representative, and in the growth process of Kobe, the heart also has such a hero, Michael Jordan, in addition to being Jordan in the arena or privately and always uphold the pursuit of excellence characters. Also, Kobe's obsession with Tinker Hatfield for the design of Air Jordan shoes, "Tinker used to make my parents very headache, because when I was little, always want to have a lot of Air Jordan shoes. "Kobe recalls the past," he said. Kobe said the entire Air Jordan series which in my heart most love: "a Air Jordan III today is still my favorite, grow up together and Jordan shoes, and is responsible for t cheap air jordans online he main designer of the series to sit down and talk, understand how he is in their own way, to explain why so design... Wait a minute. It's a wonderful feeling. "." 2003 became Nike endorsement players, Kobe and Tinker Eric Avar began his disciples relationship in the past ten years, Eric Avar has become a top designer, while Kobe is walking in the pursuit of glory on the road, grow two; at the same time he and Tinker communication, both sides respect in each other's heart, creative, which Kobe to Tinker conversion by the architect to runway shoe designer this is especially admired, Nike KOBE 11 Tinker Muse symbolizes their successful completion of the cooperation. Tinker Hatfield, originally a professional architect, began his shoe design career in 1985 from the color, tongue material and air holes and embroidered Kobe logo, followed by Nike Logo, KOBE 11 Tinker Muse Air Jordan III through the details into the own image. In addition, Tinker is in 〈Through the " SIZE·"; the size of shoes magazine editor personal Instagram sharing, can see the sports brand Adidas from Germany and the trend information website Highsnobiety cooperation, with the high popularity of the Ultra Boost jogging shoes for the leading role, the overall design to the original appearance of shoes, only to join the details at the site of LOGO symbol highlight the identification, is particularly low-key style joint. There is no definite announcement yet, and further official information is expected to be made public. source: @kaiweikaiwei , according to the Quanzhou evening news, this winter is a rare warm winter in Russia, but after the new year, the sudden expulsion of the Russian government, so that nearly 1000 Russian Chinese students in the spring to feel some pressure. no "home tide" there are many people in South Fujian who are doing business in Russia, and they have jointly established the chambers of Commerce in Russia, China (Southern Fujian). It is estimated that there are currently 800 - 1000 people in Russia, mostly in Moscow, including Jinjiang. Facing Russia's iron fist City, there will be a large number of spring Chinese businessmen back home? "in Q cheap jordans uanzhou, Russia, businessmen are mainly engaged in wholesale and retail business of clothing, shoes and hats, and how much will be affected by this new policy."." Quanzhou foreign affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs Office consular cultural division responsible person, the Russian new policy for immigrants launched, the illegal immigrants who will be repatriated, are not allowed to enter russia. The spring merchant basically has legal immigration and residence procedures, although affected by the policy, but will not be a large number of returning home phenomenon. Wang Huaitie is an authentic Jinjiang man, now president of the chamber of Commerce in China (South Fujian), which has just returned home in a few days. He told reporters that in Russia's fountain merchant, unlike some illegal migrant workers, most of them have more economic strength. Many people own their own factories in the country and engage in legitimate businesses. cut prices to deal with goods and reduce exports to Russia president Wang said, affected by the new policy, some businessmen are also lowering prices to deal with goods, but this is normal business practices, the overall situation is still relatively stable. "but most businessmen are now on the sidelines to see how far Russia's policies have been extended.". Therefore, when doing business, there is some concern, fear of loss." It is reported that Stephen Ji businessmen are paying close attention to the development of the situation, and actively take effective measures, but also to reduce exports of Russian products. (source: China News Network) (Editor: admin) comprehensive newspaper and the Xinhua News Agency scheduled opening of Boao forum for Asia on the afternoon of 12 the 2008 annual meeting of the preparatory work has been completed, more than 1700 students from Asia and other regions of the world government officials, business representatives and experts will attend the annual meeting. should the invitation of the Boao forum for Asia, President Hu Jintao will attend the Boao forum for Asia Annual Conference 2008 opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech, reviews the achievements and experience of 30 years jordan shoes online sale of reform and opening up China, expounds the reform and opening up, peaceful development policy, China the win-win strategy of opening up, strengthen regional cooperation in Asia, Asia to promote lasting peace the initiative and common prosperity. this year, delegates include about 250 government officials, 750 business representatives, 50 experts and scholars, and 680 media journalists. This year's meeting is the largest and largest annual conference since the founding of the Boao forum for asia. Founded in 2001, the Boao forum for Asia ( ) is an unofficial, non-profit, regular, addressable and open international conference organization. This year's annual meeting is the seventh annual meeting of the forum since its establishment. The theme is "green Asia: achieving win-win results in change"". was founded 7 years ago, the spirit of equality, mutual benefit and cooperation forum and win-win purpose, focus on practical and long-term issues of Asian economic and social development to become an important platform for Asia political, business and academic circles dialogue and exchanges, to promote regional economic cooperation, has played a positive role in enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between countries. Boao forum for Asia will change the way of meeting Jordan Brand recently for its casual shoes Jordan Express launched a new "Triple Black" color, breathable mesh design and easy to wear socks collocation, you must be out of choice in the summer, it is reported that the shoes now visit the official website of Nike, priced at $110. this pair of Nike PG 1 "Elements" uses the Air Jordan 4 Undefeated approach in the color scheme. It was even mistaken for a joint Undefeated work. The combination of olive green and orange looks like a tidal wave. Click here for purchase.Still changing design style Gourmet autumn and winter shoes series 2013-12-08 22:47:55 from the United States emerging shoe brand Gourmet in the last quarter released a variety of different styles of design of the new style. The last quarter of 2012 to the new release season, Gourmet again design styles, the use of color, weaving, wave and tiger and other elements, the shoes also used THE 35 AP, THE 21 TX, NOVE 2 LX, QUADICI and other classic shoes, as we are the changeable design style but also give consumers more choice of fashion. Like friends can log directly to the Gourmet official website query. Canadian brand Ransom and Adidas Originals in the joint shoes series Strata, this time finally saw the 2011 autumn and winter series design style was born. Respectively, with wool and blue and white stripes design, fiber version of the design is still unchanged, but the material changes are surprising. This series of shoes is expected to be published in recent weeks, interested friends may wish to refer to. [page] subtitle #e# Nike SB Stefan Janoski Nike Match / Blue Obsidian Classic iguana green / Black / white comments on A: Nike SB Stefan / Janoski blue Obsidian next: Nike Match Classic / Black / white green iguana Air Jordan shoes has been a successful and well-known basketball shoes brand and it's well known that Air Jordans continue its release during 1994-95, no matter Michael Jordan had been absence from NBA due to personal reason and retired from NBA court, Air Jordans For Sale always focues on designing new but high performance sneakers with shape balanced and retro its prvious Jordan shoes that become so well-known getting popular around the world. What??s more, designer will always to retro its earlier jordan shoes to attract great memory of Jordan??s histotry, which will be amazing for the brand and fans.Air Jordans are available in Air Jordans Online. 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This article is fromSports players PUMA & times; Alexander McQueen Joust Evo joint series 2014-02-27 10:28:44 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network February 27 hearing, in addition to RS-100 Runner co-branded version of the previously described, sports brand PUMA also with the British fashion brand Alexander McQueen hand in hand, for its another Joust Evo to create a new black and yellow paragraph color. This time the two sides chose to help low version of Joust Evo prototype and simple shoe body, based on a combination of high-quality leather suede uppers material composition, combined with asymmetrical lacing design showing a strong contemporary feel. Currently, the new PUMA x Alexander McQueen Joust Evo already available via KITH, priced at $ 295. (Media Partner: clothing with) & nbsp; Related news previously reported, Japan's top shoe atmos and a processing unit of Secret Base and New Balance toys three party joint M996 tiger shoes, have been on sale. This time the Japanese traditional painting techniques used New Balance classic running shoes above. The shoes are made of black gold and covered with grey tiger skin. The tongue of a gilded tiger totem, saliva 996 plaque, yellow and black collocation tiger two sets of shoes. This shoe insole has become the theme highlights, American tattoo artist Chris Trevino designed the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e wood brocade painting hanging eyes gorgeous tiger ready. With the Secret Base shoes with characteristics of tiger shoes dolls, November officially on sale, the price of 15540 yen. [page] subtitle #e# [page] subtitle #e# subtitle #e# Nike Zoom Huarache TR Mid Green Hornet color Jun Cha X The Hundreds [page] joint shoes review on an article: Nike Zoom Huarache TR Mid Green Hornet color next article: Jun Cha X The Hundreds joint shoes adidas Consortium's "sneakers pilgrimage" recently toured Paris and built a brand new joint Samba shoes with the street name Starcow. Select the deep blue color design combined with plush suede with high-grade leather with this pair of shoes to low-key football training and luxurious texture, so the tongue of the "S" and "clover" Logo, followed by the golden laces and waxing car line as details, finally equipped with retro rubber outsole. It is reported that the shoes will be on July 9th before the sale of Starcow, and then began landing on the 16 of the world's other designated stores. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked , C2H4 and VANS to launch this joint Re-Blue Project blue collage series, the classic Old Skool VANS and Authentic shoes as the blueprint for the whole of the shoes for the blue, to the bottom of the insole inside and outside the Indigo are infected with natural pigment, and the shoe body to join such as Japan BORO like Patchwork detail, strong retro flavor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Filling Pieces 2016 winter series, the Puts Fix x Clarks Originals Le Desert Boot Trigenic Flex shoes review last article: Filling Pieces 2016 winter series, the next wave of single products: Le, Fix, Puts, x, Clarks, Originals, joint Desert Boot and Trigenic Flex shoes CRYSTALLIZED, Swarovski, Elements, SWAROVSKI crystal today, and 12 brands work together to plan, including 3.1 Phillip, Lim, Bedwin, &, The, Heartbreakers, Casely〉